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In-demand jobs for Brits looking to move overseas… with a few surprises

Brits looking to move overseas may benefit from the list of the most in-demand jobs in some of the most popular global destinations, which brings a few surprises along the way. International relocation specialist Robinsons Relocation has released a list […]

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New Zealand drug rules come into effect on Saturday

New Zealand's new drug rules are to come into effect on Saturday. Especially meant for the adventure-tourism sector, the new rules are expected to prevent accidents that in recent


Volcano eruptions in New Zealand expected to help tourism

A recent volcano eruption in New Zealand is expected to help tourism in the nation. After an eruption warning was issued for Mt Tongariro, scientists are now looking to

Hong Kong Airport

Air New Zealand Cancels London to Hong Kong Service from March 2013

Air New Zealand, a New Zealand-based airline company, has announced the withdrawal of services between Hong Kong and London Heathrow Airport in the UK. The services will be terminated,


Auckland airport says Chinese visitor spending needs to increase

Auckland International Airport Ltd's (AIA.NZ) chairwoman, Joan Withers, has said that Chinese visitors to New Zealand should be encouraged to spend more. Acknowledging that the China tourism market was


Skyline enters into partnership with Volcanic Hills to make Rotorua a wine destination

Rotorua in New Zealand is preparing to offer a new reason for tourists to visit the lakeside city, the chance to sample wine in the area where it


Hobbits to be New Zealand mascots

The tourism department in New Zealand is banking on Hobbits to promote the country as a tourist destination. The department of tourism in New Zealand is zealously promoting the


Auckland drenched by rain with more to come

Travellers to Auckland in New Zealand have been advised to prepare for the heavy rains that have been lashing the city. The weather in Auckland has been unseasonably wet,

Mount Tongariro

Mount Tongariro effects tourist’s plans

Mount Tongariro, a volcano in New Zealand, has affected the travel plans of some tourists. The volcano, which had remained dormant for close to 115 years, erupted on the


Hobbit Air from Air New Zealand

To promote two Hobbit-themed films, Air New Zealand has announced a plan to offer Hobbit-themed flights for passengers to New Zealand from the UK and the US. The air