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Rwanda to focus on medical tourism

In an effort to generate more tourism revenues, Rwanda is to focus on medical tourism. The nation is looking at all options to sustain the budding tourism sector that registered high foreign exchange receipts last year, It is now planning […]

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Bahamas PM concerned by rising crime

The prime minister of Bahamas has aired his concern about rising crime in the country. Prime minister, Perry Christie, said that the increasing incidences of crime could have a


China to encourage outbound tourism

China is rolling out initiatives to encourage outbound tourism. The ASEAN-China Centre (ACC) in Beijing has plans to launch a series of programmes in 2013 to increase tourism from


UK Ground Transport and Flights Disrupted By Bad Weather

Flights to and from the UK have been hit by severe bad weather. Yesterday, London Heathrow airport saw cancellations of one in ten flights due to snowfall and


East Midlands Trains Operating On Schedule In Spite Of Snowfall

East Midlands Trains, a UK-based train service, has confirmed that it will be continuing its services, in spite of the heavy snowfall affecting parts of the country. The train


The ins and outs of travel insurance

Hurricane Sandy, which hit New York in November, caused much destruction and disruption for both residents and tourists in its wake and has put the onus firmly on