Corporate Travel Looks Rosy for British Travellers in 2013

UK travel buyers are set to have a good year in 2013, as the travel industry is not expecting a decline in business.

AirPlus International Inc, a company that provides a suite of business travel payment solutions, has conducted a survey that reported that 64 percent of British travel buyers expect the number of trips to be the same as last year, while 28 percent believe that travel may increase. Only 7 percent of survey respondents are expecting a decline in travel.

Around 45 percent of UK buyers believe that spending on travel will remain flat in 2013, while 38 percent expect it to increase, and 15 percent are predicting a decrease in expenditure.

Most UK travel managers are also expecting an increase in their accommodation bill, much more than for flights. Around 44 percent of managers believe that the cost of travel accommodation will be increasing in 2013, compared to 40 percent who believed hotel room costs would stay constant. 41 percent of those surveyed believe that air travel costs will rise in 2013. Around 36 percent of travel managers believe that more rooms will be booked by British corporate travellers in 2013, while 52 percent thought that booking levels would stay the same.

Yael Klein, the managing director of Airplus UK, said, ‘I believe that a stable business travel market should definitely been seen in a positive light. Many other large European business travel markets, including France, Italy and Spain, predict spending to go down, albeit marginally.

As business travel spend seems to point quite consistently to the state of the national economy, we would hope this is therefore a good indication for the outlook of our economy over the next 12 months.’

Promote Iceland Partners with PR Agency to Attract UK Visitors

Promote Iceland, an Iceland based public-private partnership that aims to improve the marketing of Icelandic tourism in foreign locations, has entered into a partnership with London-based travel specialist, The Brighter Group.

The Brighter Group will be the official public relations agency for Promote Iceland in the UK, and will aim to improve Iceland’s profile as a tourism destination for visitors from the UK, especially during the off peak seasons of autumn and winter.

Steve Dunne, the executive chairman of Brighter Group, said, ‘This is a fantastic way to start the New Year for Brighter and we’re delighted to add such a high profile country to our growing tourist board portfolio.

The team at Brighter have a real enthusiasm for the tourism product in Iceland and so we look forward to progressing with an exciting PR campaign throughout 2013.’

According to Iceland Review Online, tourism to Iceland from the UK is increasing every year, with 2012 seeing a 40 percent increase in British visitors to the country when compared with 2011. The review said, ‘According to the data from Statistics Iceland, most visitors say they would like to return to the country, despite the cost of airfares or ferry tickets averaging ISK 90,000 (GBP500). The average traveller spends 10 nights in Iceland. Nature was cited as the country’s main attraction.’

Reykjavik is Iceland’s capital and the country’s only big city. Walking around Reykjavik to see its attractions is easy, and among those attractions are museums, including the National Museum of Iceland, the National Gallery of Iceland, the Reykjavik Art Museum, the Reykjavik Maritime Museum, and the Saga Museum. Other places of tourist interest include the country’s geysers and its Blue Lagoon.