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Birmingham Airport

UK airport chaos as passport controllers join strike

  Passport controllers have walked out to join the biggest strike for more than five years. Brits are likely to face delays if arriving back in the UK today, the strike began last night when Border Agency staff did not […]

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New York

Classic New York Hotels

Nothing can compare to New York hotels. From rooftop gardens to superior personal service and palatial rooms, New York hotels are the standard hotels are judged by. They


Why Swedish Lapland is not just for Christmas

After a December that was the coldest in Europe for 100 years – many of us dream of heading south to the warmth. Some adventurous Britons, however, have moved

Passports for children

Ensure summer safety with a current passport for your child

The advent of the summer season brings schoolchildren, newly released from the confines of the classroom, ready to explore the outside world, make new friends, and enjoy new

Britain - Sand Hotel, Weymouth beach

Summer school holidays could be cut to just four weeks

Michael Grove, Education Secretary, has this week called for drastic changes to the current school holiday system. The changes would see families given just a four week summer

Air Cabin Crew Strike - Virgin

BA wont strike .. but talks continue over Virgin walkout

Traveling with BA this summer? You can breath a sign of relief as the two year long cabin crew dispute looks


Venice accommodation tax delayed

Following scenes of protest, walkouts by certain councillors, and ultimately a lack of quorum, the debate and vote on Venice’s proposed accommodation tax was delayed on

Cape Town

Cape Town short-listed for World Design Capital 2014

Cape Town has been short-listed for the World Design Capital 2014. From a team of 56 hopefuls, Cape Town now stands alongside just 2 other


3 Day Yoga Retreats in Cornwall from £99

London based Yoga Holidays announced today that it is the first Yoga School in the UK to offer consumers holidays in Cornwall (England) from £99 per

Ash Cloud

Chilean volcanic ash cloud reaching Cape Town airspace

The ash cloud from the Chilean Volcano Puyehue-Cordón Caulle that has been erupting since June 4 has reached Cape Town airspace, affecting flights in and out