Brits’ perfect hotel is just ’22 minutes from airport’

A recent travel survey has unveiled what British holidaymakers want most from their ideal holiday this year, with the old favourites, sun, sea and sand still proving to be the most popular desires for travellers. However, the results of the survey also reveal that British holidaymakers are becoming much more specific when it comes to their holiday wants, with such variants as temperature, the time of year and the duration of the holiday being the most important aspects to many holidaymakers, say Beat the Brochure.

Daniel Ox of Beat The Brochure says: “This new study, which questioned 2,000 British holidaymakers, has shown that Brits are becoming a lot more specific in their holiday wants, with a two-week family break in Europe being the most popular choice for travellers. While this choice may not come as a surprise to many holidaymakers or travel insiders, what really makes this poll interesting is the fact that the study pinpointed the perfect temperature for the respondents, which was 27 degrees, with the respondents stating that they wanted to get at least nine hours of sunlight a day on holiday.”

As well as these exact specifications for the temperature and hours of sunlight per day, the poll revealed that British holidaymakers don’t want to travel too far from home, as they were only prepared to take a flight that would last a maximum of five hours, which would keep them in Europe. While they didn’t want to stray outside of Europe, where they could choose holidays in the Canary Islands, they also didn’t want the arrival airport to be far away from their hotel or resort.

Ox continues: “According to the survey, British holidaymakers want their hotel to be a 22 minute drive from the airport, which they would travel to in a hire car. Once settled on the hotel, the respondents also stated that they wanted to spend at least 4 of the 14 days sunbathing by the hotel pool, while a another four days would be spent on day trips to local attractions, sightseeing, and a further two days would be spent shopping for gifts and clothes. So while the respondents are set on some very exact criteria for their holiday, they were happy to book very traditional European breaks, such as Ibiza holidays, which shows that Europe is still a very popular choice for British travellers.”

Number of brits travelling alone on the rise

A survey has shown that British travellers are more willing than ever to travel by themselves.

A recent survey has shown that British tourists are increasingly willing to embark on holidays by themselves. This data comes from travel insurer LV, who found that over the past two years the amount of people willing to go on such trips has doubled. Alex Francis of comments on the results: “This data mirrors are own observations that many people are willing to go abroad on city breaks and beach holidays by themselves. We think this is fantastic news as solo trips to resorts like Lara Beach and other exotic spots can be very rewarding.”

The survey held more positive news regarding such trips: 60% of people said that they had enjoyed their holiday, while 10% claimed it was their best holiday yet. The most popular type of solo trips were city breaks, while beach holidays also proved to be very popular. Only 3% of respondents were negative about their experience.

Francis believes that this can be partially attributed to the particular appeal of solo trips, he comments: “Travelling alone can be somewhat daunting, yet it is also highly rewarding as it is a great way to meet new people and go on unexpected adventures. At we are big supporters of solo tourism, as we believe it is very exciting and unique way to see the world.”

Francis states that though solo travel is appealing, the primarily motivation for such trips has more to do with the allure of travel. He concludes: “People in this day and age love to travel, and they will take any opportunity to get abroad and have an amazing time. Yet for one reason or another it is sometimes difficult to find someone to go abroad with; our customers don’t let this stand in their way and they are happy to get out there, even if they can’t find anyone to accompany them on their holiday.”

Costa Cruises to launch Indian Ocean cruise from Port Victoria

Up till now, most people could only gaze in longing at the giant cruise ships that call into Port Victoria during the months of November through April and dream of maybe one day winning the lottery to go on a once-in-a-lifetime luxury cruise.


Costa Cruises, in association with their regional representative ATOM Travel of Mauritius and Ocean Charters of Seychelles, have now brought luxury cruise holidays within the reach of most holiday makers.


This was announced during a reception aboard the Costa Romantica, a 600-cabin luxury cruise liner in Port Victoria on its way to the Mediterranean for the summer season.


Caroline Chen of ATOM Travel and Gerard Lafortune of Ocean Charters explained that from the start of the 2011 cruising season in November this year, they will be able to offer 14-day cruises starting and ending in Port Victoria and taking in Mauritius, Reunion, Diego Suarez, and Nossi Be in Madagascar.


Starting prices for such cruises will be around US$1,575 (£960.00 GBP) per person inclusive of all meals and all entertainment on board. The Costa Romantica like other Costa liners are modern cruise ships equipped with entertainment such as discotheques, casinos, cinemas, theatre, health center gym, and many more activities, let alone other attractions in the ports of call.


Worldwide, there has been a significant growth in cruise tourism over the last few years as prices have become more affordable, and every year, thousands of people experience cruising for the first time.


Cruises on large ocean liners have never before been offered from Seychelles at such affordable prices. This new product on the Seychelles tourism market will not only be attractive to Seychellois but also to the many expatriates who live and work in the islands, as well as residents of developments such as Eden Island.


Through this new representation of Costa Cruises in Seychelles, other customers will also be able to book and obtain the special deals on cruises in other parts of the world such as the Mediterranean and Caribbean.


The function aboard the Costa Romantica was also attended by Seychelles Vice President Danny Faure and representatives of the Seychelles Tourism Board tour operators.