Are hotel star ratings inaccurate abroad?

Everyone checks a hotel’s reviews before they go on holiday, but it would appear that many of you are not satisfied with the results. A survey from has discovered that 64% of you think that star ratings on hotels abroad are ‘inaccurate’.

We polled a sample of 1,729 British holidaymakers who had been abroad in the past two years, to find out their opinions on overseas hotels and the general performance of their accommodation.

78% of respondents had stayed in a hotel whilst on holiday

Whilst the majority of people we spoke to stayed in a hotel during their holiday, only 9% said they had stayed in a villa and the rest of respondents had either stayed with family or selected ‘other’.

Two thirds of those who stayed in a hotel thought the star rating was ‘inaccurate,’ so we then asked them how exactly this was the case. 57% said the star rating of their hotel was too high, whereas the remaining 43% of people felt the opposite; that it actually deserved more stars than it had been awarded.

A massive 89% said that you always take into account the star rating of the accommodation before booking

With the hotel star rating system under threat in the UK, we wanted to find out what you thought of hotel ratings abroad.

We often get feedback from customers claiming that the hotel they stayed in actually deserved more stars than it had been given.

Our thoughts? It’s all a matter of personal opinion, of course. It’s always disappointing when a hotel doesn’t live up to your expectations but, on the other hand, it’s always a good feeling when it’s better than you thought.

Review sites can give you a great insight into what to expect from a hotel

Review sites usually feature feedback from other holidaymakers, so you’re more likely to get a balanced review of the hotel.

Of course, there is the chance that one person may have had a terrible experience at a hotel, whilst everyone else gives fantastic reviews, so just remember that everyone has their own opinions.

So, remember to check out reviews before you book a hotel, but also remember, everyone’s experience is different!

The extraordinary beauty of Cyprus

Cyprus is not just a common place on earth. If you opt for North Cyprus holiday package then you will realise that there are some places on the surface of the earth that are full of marvellous or stunning beauty. Northern Cyprus has no equivalent in this world. It is a pure fun place for its visitors or tourists.

Often, Cyprus is the first choice of the visitors because it has many lovely sandy beaches. Beaches always attracting or enticing its visitors or tourists. You can not restrict yourself from enjoying there. If you have any plans for beach holidays then how about holidays in Cyprus? You don’t think much on it. Because your selection is not going to be wrong.

Tempting beauty in North Cyprus / Bellapais Abbey:

Visiting Cyprus for the first time can entice you or force you to visit again and again. If there could be any other place beautiful on earth it ought to be like Cyprus. Ask not why do a number of people think of spending their beach holidays in Cyprus?

Opt for it and see for yourself what you have not experienced till now. Experience the serenity or the calmness of the atmosphere you wish to have here. What more? Cyprus Bellapais offers many of these things. Breezy beaches, cool sunny beaches, all for you for enjoyment in holiday Cyprus.

Bellapais abbey undoubtedly is considered one of the best places to be seen when you land on Cyprus. Nothing but the beauty here can live up your holidays. Bellapais, though a small village in northern Cyprus is opening its arms to embrace you and let you know that beauty on earth is alive.

In comparison to other parts of Cyprus, this Bellapais is very small but visitors are often seem attracted to itself more than to any other place in Cyprus. Known for its exotic beauty, Bellapais Abbey calls all the people to itself. A place of rare scenic beauty.

1,600ft up – the world’s tallest hotel opens in Hong Kong

Overlooking one of the most spectacular skylines in the world, this hotel offers a birds eye view of Hong Kong from 1,600ft up in the air. The Ritz Carlton Hong Kong became the tallest hotel in the world, and the fourth tallest building, when it opened this week.

And just incase this view doesn’t keep you occupied for your whole trip, there are many other attractions. These come in the form of six restaurants, a sky-high spa with floor-to-ceiling windows and an indoor infinity pool overlooking the iconic harbour.

Herve Humler, president of luxury hotel chain said the building was a landmark hotel which was the culmination of many years of hard work:

‘We have been able to create truly spectacular so we can welcome our guests not just to the tallest hotel in the world, but also to one of the very best hotels in the world,’ he said. ‘We are taking luxury to new heights in every sense.’

You can also enjoy food from one of three restaurants situated in the hotel; including Tin Lung Heen, which is a Chinese restaurant serving refined Cantonese cuisine; Tosca, an Italian restaurant which offers Southern Italian cuisine and the very stylish The Lounge & Bar with fire pits and open kitchens.

The hotel also boasts a shopping mall and state of the art technology including WiFi, iPod docking stations, Blu-ray DVD players and flat screen TVs.

In addition, there is a chocolate-themed lounge named The Chocolate Library on 103rd floor and a stylish patisserie located on 9th floor.

Managers say the jewel in the crown is Ozone, located on the hotel’s 118th floor. It offers contemporary Asian tapas and signature cocktails to a backdrop of incredible views as well as the chance to drink on the world’s highest al fresco terrace.